Muslims celebrating Eid reflect on racism and violence towards community

Associated Press

STORYLINE Muslims gathered in Greece’s Olympic complex on Sunday to mark the end of Ramadan – an estimated 500,000 Muslims are thought to have marked the occasion in mosques across the country. The rise of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party and a sharp increase in violence towards Greece’s Muslim migrant community, was on the mind of many as they prayed, with some saying it had affected the religious celebration. University student Ziad Al Sharkawi said the mood in the Muslim community was okay, but added that with “all the racism that is going on, things are a bit tough.” Anna Stamou, a member of the Muslim Association of Greece, said it was the “end of a month that was full of turmoil.” “We lived in Athens that was full of heat, full of hate, full of racism, full of prayers,” she said.