MAG is Joining The World of Neighbours in Malmö Pre-Summit

Keeping our Humanity: For we were strangers once

Source: A World of Neighbours

Monday January 27 – Thursday January 30 2020
Malmö, Sweden

This gathering, hosted by the Archbishop Anjte Jackelén, calls together 72 participants, all who have an urgent stake in one of the most pressing tasks of our time – the reception and accompaniment of ‘people on the move’ in an inclusive society.

The people in the room will be: practitioners with receiving communities and grassroots organizations; refugees and migrants in transit and established in a new homeland; actors from religious and civil society NGOs; representatives of governmental and inter-governmental bodies; politicians and policy makers; media and communications professionals; youth; and religious leaders.


Ph D Sandra Janoff will lead us through the five steps of the entirely interactive Future Search Method that has been chosen for the meeting. You will have the chance to have purposeful dialogue, exploring every facet of this challenge. In light of the big picture developed by all those present, you will have a chance to formulate next step action proposals for your particular areas of concern

MAG is joining The World of Neighbours

The Muslim Association of Greece is a proud participant of the initiative of the Church of Sweded A world of Neighbours, participating in the working group session on the fostering of social cohesion in Stockholm on last November 2019 and in the Pre-Summit “Keeping our Humanity: For we were strangers once” of January 2020 in Malmö and will be proud to be a part of the Summit that follows the successful meetings.