Greek prisons receive Islamic ‘education’

Greek City Times

Prison authorities in northern Greece were given a briefing on Islam on Thursday to help them better understand the religious practices and traditions of the 3,000 Muslim inmates currently held in Greek prisons.

The briefing took place at an event in Davata prison of Thessaloniki, where jail offcers and staff were given a brief course by two academics.

The event which was organised by the secretaries general of the Ministries of Justice and Education & Religion, with the collaboration of the University of Thessaloniki’s School of Religious Studies called “I learn about Islam, I make my life better”.

Professor Angeliki Ziaka and university advisor Jihad Halil explained the religious holidays of Islam, the times and frequency of prayer including when it’s carried out individually and when in groups, how to avoid insults to religious Islamic symbols, and what dietary traditions Muslim faithful must follow during the Ramadan. The two specialists also provided answers to questions by their audience.

The audience included officers and staff from several jails in Northern Greece and staff of the KETHEA drug therapy unit in the Diavata jail itself.